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IICP Certificate in Pluralistic Counselling & Psychotherapy (Level 8 Module)

Gain 23 CPD hours while also completing 10 ECTS credits at Level 8

Programme Content

Pluralism is, in the general sense, the acknowledgment of diversity and the belief that reality ultimately includes many different elements.  A pluralistic framework for counselling and psychotherapy recognises that psychological distress may have multiple causes and it is improbable that one specific therapeutic approach will be effective in all circumstances. At its core, therefore, is a philosophical and ethical commitment to valuing multiple perspectives.  This module aims to facilitate the development of:

  • A structure which provides a new approach to conceptualising counselling and psychotherapy in the context of fundamental debates within social science;
  • Knowledge of, and ability to apply the pluralistic framework to guide practice in a coherent and meaningful way; and
  • An awareness of cultural diversity in clients and therapists and the importance of embracing the range of beliefs which endure regarding healing and change.
  • An exploration of the philosophic underpinnings of pluralism, which holds that there are several conflicting but still true descriptions of the world, and that no single explanatory system or view of reality can account for all the phenomena of life.
  • Introduction to a pluralistic framework for counselling and psychotherapy and a detailed examination of the three domains making up the framework: goals, tasks and methods:
    • Goals: The identification of goals; exploring, clarifying and negotiating goals with clients, helping the therapeutic conversation to remain goal-focused, and embracing a client-driven approach to counselling;
    • Tasks: The collaboration between the counsellor and client in facilitating the client to undertake actions associated with the goals identified at the outset, or during the process of therapy; and
    • Method: The learner will examine the specific and practical ways the client and counsellor can realize the tasks identified during therapy in this domain of the pluralistic framework.

Written Assignment

Learners are required to complete a 3,000-word case study, which commences with a 1,500-word evaluation of the theory, defining concepts and underlying principles of pluralism as it applies to counselling and psychotherapy. Learners must then present 1,500-word clinical case study in which they have applied pluralistic counselling and psychotherapy. Learners will demonstrate ability to use the pluralistic approach, including process and outcome based feedback tools, assessment strategies and case formulation.


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  • Tuesday Option: 9:30am-11:10am
  • Saturday Option: 11:20am-1:00pm

Suitable For

This course is suitable for counsellors and psychotherapists who have some experience of group therapy as a participant, and who wish to further their knowledge, skills and competencies in Pluralistic Counselling and Psychotherapy.


On successful completion of the course participants will receive an IICP Certificate in Pluralistic Counselling and Psychotherapy. As this module is part of our BA (Hons) Degree, learners who successfully complete the course are also awarded a Transcript of Results confirming that 10 ECTS credits have been completed at Level 8 on the National Framework of Qualifications.


IICP Education and Training, Killinarden Enterprise Park, Killinarden, Dublin 24.



  • Deposit of €195 required to secure place on course.

UPDATE: This Course is now complete. Click here to contact us if you would like to be added to a waiting list for a future intake.