Professional Diploma in Integrative Supervision

This Professional Diploma in Supervision is fully accredited by IACP

  • Award: IICP Professional Diploma in Integrative Supervision (IACP Accredited).

  • QQI: N/A

  • Start Date: 28th January 2022

  • Duration: 1 year. Includes 13 Teaching Days, with additional time for completing clinical hours. See Course Details for full schedule.
  • Course Fee: €1,950

  • App Fee: €75.00 (non-refundable)


Supervision is viewed as a key component of many professions in the provision of support to practitioners, enhancement of ongoing learning, and, to a greater or lesser extent, it offers some protection to the public. This year-long course is intended for people from a variety of disciplines who are intending, beginning or already practising supervisors. Professionally accredited by IACP, this course is designed to enable individuals to extend their understanding and knowledge of supervision, incorporating theoretical inputs with opportunities for group discussion and experiential exercises.

Course Content

  • Definitions and purpose of supervision.
  • Models of the supervisory process will be explored including those of Page and Wosket and Hawkins and Shohet.
  • Learning Styles.
  • Feedback informed supervision.
  • Consideration of the training development and supervisory needs of supervisors.
  • Opportunities to role-play in triads as supervisor, supervisee and observer, using participants’ own case work.
  • Exploration of transference, counter-transference and the parallel process.
  • Reflection on the similarities and differences of supervision in a one-to-one, group or organisational context.
  • Consideration of Multicultural, Ethical and Professional issues.

Student Benefits & Support

With IACP course recognition, graduates of this programme (who meet IACP criteria) are eligible for accreditation as a supervisor. Learners are supported in developing the necessary skills, knowledge and competencies to practice as a supervisor.

Our Ethos

At the heart of the training provided in IICP College lies the belief that people are experts in the story of their own lives. With a strong emphasis on student support and flexibility, learners are supported in working toward their goals.

Course Structure

This is a part-time course, please see full details of dates & times below.

Dates and Times

28th January (Fri)
9am – 5pm
Welcome and Introductions
What is Supervision?
Definitions of Supervision
Roles, tasks and functions of Supervision
29th January (Sat)
Peer Supervision,
Cyclical Model of Supervision 1
Contracting in Supervision
11th February (Fri)
9am – 5pm
Cyclical Model of Supervision 2
Transference / Counter Transference / Parallel Process
Learning Styles
18th February (Fri)
9am – 5pm
Process Model of Supervision – 1 DOR
19th February (Sat)
Process Model of Supervision – 2 DOR
4th March (Fri)
9am – 5pm
Developing the Supervisory Relationship
Appraising Supervision What to bring to Supervision
Giving Feedback
Self-care and Burnout in Supervisees
5th March (Sat)
9am – 5pm
IACP Ethical and Legal Requirements Ethical Dilemmas
IDM Developmental model
26th March (Sat)
9am – 5pm
The Use of Feedback & Trauma Informed Supervision MW
8th April (Fri)
Group Supervision DOR
6th May (Fri)
9am – 5pm
Online Supervision & Organisational Supervision
Set up for Video Recordings
20th May (Fri)
9am – 5pm
Video sessions evaluation and feedback DOR &
28th May (Sat)
9am – 5pm
Video sessions evaluation and feedback DOR & MW
29th May (Sun)
9am – 5pm
Closure DOR &
The programme also has a clinical requirement of 50 hours. The deadline for completing these hours is January 2023.

Note: 90% Attendance is necessary to qualify for the award of the Diploma. 

Classroom Delivery

Our classes are currently delivered remotely as tutorials, that involve students and their lecturer logging into our online portal Zoom™ simultaneously.

Classes will remain online until such a time as it is feasible to return to face-to-face delivery.

Zoom™ provides and integrative online environment for students and Lecturers to interact and engage in the learning. This platform facilitates discussion polls, sharing of slides, videos resources and much, much more.

To foster more intimate learning environments the use of breakout rooms is also implemented, allowing for the safe and experiential triadic learning practice that we have found so successful.

All of our sessions are accessible through computer and mobile devices and we have a structured and robust technology department to support all faculty and students through their learning journey. To encourage flexibility, and best practice, we also record all our sessions, these are made accessible only to the students in that class to review content whenever is convenient to them!

Who Should Apply:

This course will be of interest to professionals who work in an integrative manner. It will be of particular interest to counsellors, psychotherapists, guidance counsellors, psychologists, healthcare professionals, probation officers, social services personnel, managers, and all who supervise the work of others in the helping professions.

Accreditation of Award:

Our Diploma in Integrative Supervision is professionally accredited by the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP).


Learners are assessed through a continuous assessment strategy, which includes a variety of methods such as video recording, theoretical essay and reflective writing strategies. Clinical course requirements involve engagement in a peer supervision (internal) relationship (25 hours), external supervision practice (25 hours) and clinical supervision of your external supervision practice hours. Learners have until January 2023 to submit the clinical logs and supervision report required of clinical practice on the programme.


  • Classes delivered online are through our licenced Zoom.
IICP understand that while partaking in further education is an incredibly rewarding experience it can also be a large financial commitment for some students. In order to minimise the financial impact caused to students, IICP strive to keep our course fees as competitive as possible. We also offer students the option of signing up to a payment plan in order to spread the cost of their fees throughout the duration of their course.


  • €1,950.00
    • An application processing fee of €75 also applies
    • Places are limited and allocated on a first come first served basis following interviews
    • Upon course offer, a deposit payment of €585 is required to secure your place

Additional Course Requirements and Costs

Learners are required to contract with an external supervisor, who will supervise their 25 external supervision practice hours at a ratio of 1:5. Therefore, learners will be required to attend at least 5 sessions of external supervision. Clinical supervision can cost from €40 per session upwards. Fees are negotiable between learners and individual supervisors.

Getting Started

Please note due to the current Covid -19 restrictions, our office team are working remotely. Therefore we would encourage you to apply online for speedy process of your application. Should you have any questions in relation to making your online application please contact Triona on 086-0499154.

Simply click the below button to be brought to our online application process. When prompted, please select ‘Validated & Accredited Courses’, then select ‘Diploma in Integrative Supervision – January 2022’ and complete the form.

Online Application Form

If you have any trouble at any stage of the application please click here to get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Why attend this Supervision Course?

  • Outstanding facilitators, each with a wealth of supervision training and experience
  • Provides a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of supervision
  • Course described as a “Dynamic delivery of integrative supervision
  • Designed for intending, beginning or already practising supervisors
  • In-depth, comprehensive, engaging and challenging Supervision Diploma

What former students say about this Programme

I thought the structure of the modules was excellent. The module content covered all aspects of supervising theory and practice thoroughly. Well done! Excellent Course!

Miriam Barrow, Supervision Diploma

A Heartfelt thank you to Eamonn and Ann for their excellent facilitation of the Diploma in Integrative Supervision course at IICP – and for containing us so well therein. Their presence and skill were exemplary and I really looked forward to attending each month. I now feel equipped and confident in going forth to practice as a supervisor in Wexford.

This course has been very well conceived, constructed and delivered in my experience.

Jacqui Kehoe, Supervision Diploma

I really enjoyed the course, it was facilitated very well, interesting, stimulating classes by lecturers with vast experience. Thank you Eamon & Ann for a great experience.

Tom Kiernan, Supervision Diploma

Most helpful was the interactivity of the course, the role plays and the art-therapy training day. I really enjoyed doing the work and connecting.

Larry O'Reilly , Supervision Diploma

The most interesting and helpful aspects of this course included covering the two models of supervision, how different learning styles transfer to development of personal style, the importance of developing the “inner supervisor” and self-care.

Margaret O'Sullivan , Supervision Diploma

Course was well structured with excellent delivery from all facilitators. Thank you so much for a very enjoyable course.

Ciaran Cuddihy, Supervision Diploma

About the Programme Facilitators

Dr. Marguerite Woods
Dr. Marguerite WoodsStage 4 Programme Leader & Module Lecturer Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Studies (Teaching & Learning in Higher Education), Bachelor of Social Science (Hons) (B.Soc.Sc).
Dr. Woods has a wealth of teaching experience, lecturing in colleges such as IICP, Trinity College Dublin, National University of Ireland Maynooth and Dublin Business School.

Her research and teaching interests include:

– Qualitative research focusing on the lived experience of those who use drugs or those in treatment.
– Gender Issues – I have an interest in women and health issues generally but more specifically my focus has been on women and drug use, and women and HIV;
– Alcohol and drug treatment and policy – I am specifically interested in focusing on how policy impacts on drug users;
– Counselling Practice;
– Practice based research – focusing on how learning translates into practice;
– Drug using parents – their experience of parenting;
– Women drug users’ experience of motherhood;
– Qualitative and quantitative research methods;
– Crime and social policy;
– Housing issues; and
– Educational Disadvantage.

David O'Regan
David O'ReganHead of Academic Studies MIACP, MA in Pluralistic Counselling and Psychotherapy, BA (Hons) in Counselling and Psychotherapy, Diploma in Life Coaching, Certificate in CBT, Diploma in Integrative Supervision, Certificate in Mediation and Conflict Resolution.
David O’Regan is an accredited member of IACP and works with several EAP providers and employers. Roles and Responsibilities: Coordination of undergraduate programmes, Module Lecturer – Theory, Skills, Ethics & Values, Research Methods, Applied Research Methods, Pluralistic Counselling & Psychotherapy, Practice Development, Abnormal Psychology.