Quality Assurance Procedures

See Below for our Policies and Procedures

This Quality Assurance Manual [QAM] contains the policies and procedures currently in use in IICP College. Please note that these policies are under continuous review and may change at any time.

Version: Should you wish to avail of any policy (such as deferral or mitigating circumstances) then you will need to use the policy that is in use at the time of your application. You must ensure that you are using the current version of any procedure (i.e. one that is on the IICP College website, rather than a downloaded copy).

In addition, if you are engaging in any procedure then this will refer to the current version on the IICP College website, and not an earlier version.

If you have any queries about the version you need to use, please do not hesitate to contact your lecturer, Programme Co-ordinator, Programme Leader or indeed any staff member.

Interpretation: Any reference to a specific role (including Registrar, Dean, Head of Academic Studies, Programme Co-ordinator) shall be taken to mean that role or any other appropriate member of staff designated by the College to take the specified responsibility in the conduct of that policy.

Using these Policies: IICP College strives to involve learners in all decisions that affect them and to use their practical wisdom and lived experience to develop effective practice. In keeping with this principal, it is anticipated that every effort will be made by those involved to resolve all matters through conversations at the lowest possible level. Differences and conflicts are most effectively resolved through those involved having an opportunity to talk things through, and College staff are available to assist with this process.

Alternatively if you would like to download our whole Quality Assurance Manual, please click here.