David Gould, IICP Student
“I’ve been working in the addiction service for several years as an addiction practitioner. I’ve decided further my skills and jump into something slightly different, a certificate in counselling & psychotherapy. I decided to go with IICP because they are renowned for their student support, accredited courses and fantastic facilities. My time at IICP have been very positive and the tutors are excellent. They supported us throughout the course. Definitely recommend IICP for anyone looking to learn more about themselves and counselling & psychotherapy.”

Eoghan Keogh, 4th year BSc student
” I started in a low-cost service recently and the experience to be out practicing, meeting clients from different backgrounds, has just been amazing for me and my confidence.
Our lecturers last weekend were so good as well and it was an excellent start to the year. Just wanted to express gratitude to you guys, I think it can be easy for people to note when things are not going well, but it’s equally important to note when things are going really well.
I just wanted to say thanks.”

Jean Richardson, MA C&A Graduate
“This Masters Course (MA Degree in Integrative Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy) is fantastic and gave me the competencies that I needed to work with young people.
Excellent tutors.”

Leo Muckly, MScPCP Graduate
“It has been an absolute pleasure attending IICP. Cutting edge is an understatement when it comes to IICP’S approach to education. The support and encouragement provided to students to succeed is outstanding. So much so I’ll be back December for the L9 Cert in Technology Enabled Teaching and I am very much looking forward to it.”

Paula Woods, MScPCP 2023 Student/Graduand
“I wanted to take the time to mention Ms. Pam Patchell. I have never met a more committed, genuine, knowledgeable, hard-working, kind and extremely supportive lecturer. She has been the backbone of IICP in my 4 years of studying with the college and I would say there is no job that this lady could not do with immense success. When I was in need, she gave me her time generously. When the class was in difficulty, she gave up her Sunday to support us, despite her being on annual leave. I feel lucky to have learned so much from her, not just academically but professionally and personally also. She is a true gift to the training and profession of psychotherapy. Thank you sincerely Pam.”

Blanaid Dwyer, Diploma Graduate
“A brilliant course with incredible lecturers and ongoing support. I highly recommend IICP College (and no I’m not being paid to say that!). I’ve studied in several other Higher Education Colleges and IICP surpasses them all!”

Katie McGee, 1st Year BSc Degree, 2023
“For anyone interested in psychotherapy, this course is the best thing that will ever happen to you. Be prepared to be who you truly are and feel a kinship with people you never knew existed.”

Gaasite Bosekwang, BSc Hons Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy Graduate, 2023
“I feel incredibly fortunate to have completed the BSc Honours in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy program with IICP. The experience has been truly transformative, both personally and professionally. The program provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of counselling and psychotherapy, which I have been able to apply in my work with clients.
The program’s emphasis on integrative approaches has been particularly valuable, as I have been able to draw on a range of therapeutic modalities to meet the unique needs of each client. The quality of teaching and support provided by the faculty has been exceptional, and I have felt well-equipped and confident in my work as a result.
The program has also provided me with opportunities for personal growth and self-reflection, which have been invaluable in my own journey of healing and self-discovery. I have developed a deeper understanding of myself and my own experiences, which has allowed me to be more empathic and attuned to the experiences of others.
Overall, I highly recommend the BSc Honours in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy program with IICP to anyone who is passionate about helping others and committed to their own personal growth. It has been an incredibly rewarding and enriching experience that will stay with me for years to come.”

Lizzie Henson, 2nd year BSc Student, 2023
“Apprehensively enrolling in the Certificate Programme in 2020 proved to be the best decision I could have made at a time I was seeking a new challenge and change in direction. I followed eagerly into the BSc course and am now transitioning into the MSc. The second-year modules were engrossing, appropriately challenging, and delivered with exceptional expertise by supportive lecturers.
What I love above all about IICP is the perceptible, genuine appreciation of each individual learner. Every student’s unique personality and life experiences are valued and respected in the classroom environment and encouraged to be brought to the professional setting. I feel we, as trainees, are supported and nurtured to grow to be the best version of ourselves, personally and professionally.”

Noel Griffen, 3rd year BSc Student, 2023
“Commencement of Placement with clients in a pre-approved suitable service is a “tangible milestone and I am delighted to embark on the rest of my journey. Please pass on my thanks to all involved. The college have been very supportive along the way, with a comprehensive curriculum, dedicated faculty and a supportive learning environment. I look forward to helping others in the years ahead.”

Colin, 1st year BSc Student
“I have to say I enjoyed first year immensely. I’ve not only learned a lot about the material, but I’ve also grown as a person. Our classmates are a great bunch too. So many different personalities and perspectives all rowing in the same direction. Evidence Informed Practice could have been a much more challenging experience, but our lecturer’s energy and approach made it far more interesting and enjoyable. Thank you.”

Linda C. MA student
“I joined IICP 2019 as a mature student and unaware what lay ahead of me. The initial year certainly highlighted some of my areas for improvement, which were mainly in academic writing. When I went to the tutors about this the response was amazing. I was directed to certain tools that could help me with this matter. Within a couple of weeks I observed my confidence, both in academic writing and my work as a psychotherapist, had greatly improved. The most significant thing I could say about IICP is that the college supports you in a kind and understanding way, and on my journey I never felt inadequate. It was quite the opposite, as they helped me regain my confidence both personally and professionally (which due to life events had been affected). I have recommended the college to some friends and one of them is now enrolled. The experience has been positive and one which has added a great deal of psychological wealth to my life. I feel heard and valued now and I have lost my fear of academia. On completion of my MA I will with great enthusiasm take on another form of study at IICP. The college is truly outstanding and personally I feel for anyone wanting to further their education they will not find a better college than IICP. Truly an amazing experience which enabled me to believe that anything is positive.”

Aidan Thompson, Year-2 Student
“After committing to returning to education I researched different colleges offering courses in Counselling and Psychotherapy. I chose IICP because of their course structures and reputation and I can honestly say the college has surpassed my expectations. The QQI level-8-degree course is excellent, very well presented, and easy to navigate. With a keen emphasis on developing your own personal skills and experience, each student is supported and guided by tutors who are highly respected in their field. There are also numerous additional free support classes available through the By Your Side programme and ample research and texts available in either the college library or on their website. I’m delighted I returned to education and IICP have made that journey both very comfortable and rewarding. I would highly recommend IICP.”

Rachel Rigley, Year-3 Student
“I felt so welcome from the first phone call. The course covers academic and clinical content delivered in a manner that is easy to understand. The structure is clear, concise and very effective, clearly a lot of thought has gone into each module being delivered. The academic support is excellent and while there have been challenges along the way the benefits supersede these on both a personal and professional level. I would not hesitate recommending this course.”

Jennifer Walsh, Year-1 Student
“Studying at IICP has been an amazing experience, I completed the certificate course last year after a long break from studying. The course content was excellent and provided a better understanding of others and myself, real skills that can help with everyday life.
Thanks to the amazing support and encouragement from my tutor and peers, I am now attending IICP as a degree student and have begun my journey as a therapist.”

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