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IICP prides itself on providing a centre of academic and professional excellence in counselling and psychotherapy education and practice. IICP is an engaging, dynamic and supportive institute to study in. IICP prides itself on its ethos of student support, ensuring that learners are guided and supported through the programme. The Professional programmes, from certificate to masters, reflect the core ethos. Each stage of the programme offers training based on models of psychotherapy that promote respect, personal responsibility, understanding and flexibility. Carl Rogers’ model of Person Centred Counselling (in which respect for the client is paramount) and Dr William Glasser’s empowerment model of Choice Theory are integrated with Multicultural Counselling, which recognises the diversity that exists between social and economic groups as well as between ethnic groups.

Such diversity is reflected in the cohort of students who attend and graduate from the programme. Both the personal and professional development of the students are held within a pluralistic framework. In other words, through their personal and professional journeys students are encouraged to become competent counsellors who facilitate a client’s therapeutic process according to what fits for the client as opposed to offering a one-size-fits-all approach.

Our Certificate Programme is the perfect entry point for those considering a career in counselling and psychotherapy as there is an excellent mix of theory, skills and personal development and the teaching staff are all therapy practitioners, so they put the training into a real world context.

IICP has dual validation: Professional recognition from IACP, the largest professional counselling and psychotherapy body in Ireland; and academic validation from QQI.

IICP are proud to be a member of HECA (Higher Education Colleges Association) . HECA is the recognised voice of independent higher level education in Ireland. HECA’s main focus is on representing the independent third level sector by ensuring the highest standards of quality amongst its members.

IICP offers their learners placement in our sister organisation, Village Counselling Service. This ensures learners do not have to find their own placement and enables them to commence their clinical work in a safe, supportive environment.

Furthermore, in addition to their external one-to-one supervision, IICP students can avail of up to 5 sessions of group supervision per month once they have commenced clinical placement.  Starting clinical work can be daunting and the support of the VCS team and experienced therapists can help trainee counsellors make the transition into real client work. IICP has a first class faculty team, who are experts in their field. With an assigned programme leader for each year, learners are supported and guided through each stage of the programme. Lecturers are practitioners, who have worked and are working in the field.  Everything we teach is linked to practice.  For Skills Modules, we ensure that there are 5-6 lecturers or teaching assistants in the class to offer ongoing feedback on clinical skills.

Following on from our BA (Hons), our students can progress to our Masters in Pluralistic Counselling and Psychotherapy which is headed up by our visiting professor, John McLeod, PhD, FBACP.

A counselling and psychotherapy qualification opens many doors and in addition to pursuing a career in counselling and psychotherapy, it is also a great qualification to possess for those who wish to pursue careers in the caring profession i.e. addiction settings, youth settings and community project settings.  87% of our former students are working as therapists or employed in the allied professions.