We are delighted to host the launch of Padraig O’Morain new book “Kindfulness” here in IICP College on Saturday June 30th.

Padraig will deliver a workshop that day on Mindful Self-Compassion (click here for more information) followed by the launch of his new book at 5pm.

Padraig’s wonderful new book is a practical, uplifting guide combining the two hot topics of the moment: mindfulness and self-compassion. From the author of Mindfulness on the Go and Mindfulness for Worriers, this book teaches you how to make mindfulness your ally in everyday life, ways to accept who you are and how to lower anxiety and stress levels through a range of simple exercises. In today’s chaotic world, it seems that everyone could benefit from joining the Kindfulness movement. Padraig believes that through the art of self-care and ensuring that you are living in the present, you can dispel the negativity in your life. As a result of loving and accepting yourself a little bit more, you will improve your relationships with others and become a more compassionate and happier human being.

If you are interested in attending Padraig’s book launch please email laura@iicp.ie