A quantitative practice-based study, exploring the effectiveness of Integrative counselling and psychotherapy, provided by mainly trainee therapists in a low-cost counselling setting.

Just a few lines on presenting my poster at SEPI

Presenting my research at such a prestigious international conference as SEPI was a great honour and also an opportunity for me to hopefully contribute to the shortage of research in the area of trainee-therapist efficacy.

I was grateful for the presence and support of both my research supervisors, Professor John McLeod and Dr. Marcella Finnerty.

Thankfully, the poster was well received, drawing the attention of attendees. It was gratifying engaging and sharing my research experience with others, everyone was so genuinely interested and friendly.

Overall it was an amazing conference and I left SEPI feeling exhausted but very much enthused.

Julie Kilkelly, Prof. John McLeod, Dr. Marcella Finnerty & Julia McLeod at SEPI 2019