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IICP One Day Professional Knowledge Seminar with Prof. Mick Cooper

Seminar Title: Working at Relational Depth

Working at Relational Depth

Content: What does it mean to connect to others in an in-depth way?  What are the effects of relating deeply to clients in therapy, and how can such a such an encounter be facilitated? This workshop will give participants an opportunity to explore their experiences of relational depth, and how it feels to meet others at this level of intensity and intimacy: in both their therapeutic practice and everyday life. Through small group exercises, pairs-work, discussion and theory input, the workshop will help participants develop a deeper understanding of such encounters, and also how they come to deepen their levels of relating in their therapeutic work.


Learning Outcomes: By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  1.  Understand the nature of relational depth
  2. Articulate their own experiences of in-depth relating
  3. Understand the latest research findings on the nature, impact and prevalence of relational depth in therapy
  4. Recognise means of deeepening levels of relating with clients
  5. Recognise their own chronic strategies of disconnection and other barriers to relational depth

Format: The workshop combines self-development exercises, theoretical input, practical exercises, and small and large group discussion. The workshop is appropriate for training and practising counsellors, psychotherapists, counselling psychologists and other mental health professionals. The day will be broken up into four teaching inputs:

  • Session 1: Experiencing relational depth, in and out of therapy
  • Session 2: The importance of relatedness to psychological wellbeing
  • Session 3: Deepening our levels of relating with clients
  • Session 4: Chronic strategies of disconnection


  • Sunday 11 March 2018, 10.00am to 4.30pm

Entry Requirements:

  • The course is for anybody interested in learning more about the subject area.


  • IICP Certificate of Attendance and Participation
  • CPD: 6 hours


  • €90.00 (€76.50 for IICP Students/Alumni and VCS Counsellors)


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Why attend this One Day Workshop?

  • Outstanding facilitator – an internationally recognised expert in his field

  • Mick is described as a “brilliant, dynamic and engaging facilitator

  • Understand the nature of relational depth

  • Learn how to articulate your own experiences of in-depth relating

  • Understand the latest research findings on the nature, impact and prevalence of relational depth in therapy.

  • Learn to recognise means of deeepening levels of relating with clients.

  • Learn to recognise your own chronic strategies of disconnection and other barriers to relational depth.

About the Programme Facilitator

 Prof. Mick Cooper
Prof. Mick CooperIICP Guest Speaker
Mick Cooper is an internationally recognised author, trainer and consultant in the field of humanistic, existential and pluralistic therapies. He is a Chartered Psychologist, and Professor of Counselling Psychology at the University of Roehampton.

Mick has facilitated workshops and lectures around the world. His books include Existential Therapies (Sage, 2017), Working at Relational Depth in Counselling and Psychotherapy (Sage, 2018), and The Handbook of Person-Centred Psychotherapy and Counselling (Palgrave, 2013). His principal areas of research have been in shared decision-making/personalising therapy, and counselling for young people in schools. In 2014, Mick received the Carmi Harari Mid-Career Award from Division 32 of the American Psychological Association. He is a Fellow of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and the Academy of Social Sciences.