The 2019 IICP Professional Knowledge Seminar was held on Thursday 04 April 2019 in the Green Isle Hotel. The guest speaker for this seminar was the excellent Professor John C. Norcross who spoke on the topic of Psychotherapy Integration and How it Improves Outcomes. This outstanding talk covered the following nine sections:

  1. Mandate for Integration
  2. Why Integration Now?
  3. Introducing 4 Pathways
  4. Common Factors: Therapy Relationships
  5. Technical Eclecticism: Responsiveness
  6. Theoretical Integration: Mix for Effect
  7. Assimilative Integration
  8. Future of Psychotherapy
  9. Inevitable Future of Integration

The conference was well attended by over 350 participants including IICP students, faculty and external participants. Feedback from participants was very positive with people complimenting John’s knowledge and delivery. See below some pictures of this event.