Continue to Learn, Grow and Succeed with IICP College. We have temporarily moved our teaching online due to social distancing requirements. The health and wellbeing of our College Community is paramount. We are pleased to advise that our core programmes and many CPD courses are available online. You can still attend our high-quality trainings and receive your academic, professional and CPD credits from the comfort and safety of your own home. Be safe and stay well – IICP College Team.

Information for Incoming Students

The college is adopting a blended learning approach to the current COVID-19 situation. Classes this side of mid-term will take place online and these will be live lectures. After mid-term, assuming nothing changes in terms of government advice, it is likely to be a mix of some students on-site and some attending remotely depending on your individual circumstances and the government and public health guidance in place at the time. We will be in constant contact with you about this and how it will be managed for semester one.

Tuesday Classes Commencement Date: 22nd September 2020

Wednesday Classes Commencement Date: 23rd September 2020

Friday Classes Commencement Date: 25th September 2020

First Year Block Class Commencement Date: 2nd October 2020

Second Year Block Class Commencement Date: 18th September 2020

Third Year Block Class Commencement Date: 18th September 2020

Final Year Block Class Commencement Date: 25th September 2020

Masters in Pluralistic Counselling and Psychotherapy Year 1 Commencement Date: 9th October 2020

Masters in Pluralistic Counselling and Psychotherapy Year 2 Commencement Date: 20th September 2020

Masters in Integrative Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy Year 1 Commencement Date: 2nd October 2020

Masters in Integrative Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy Year 2 Commencement Date: 18th September 2020


During the COVID-19 outbreak the main efforts of the College are towards ensuring the health and welfare of its staff and students, while also ensuring the continuity of its programmes. The College was already working from a contingency plan, and therefore was in a position to move immediately to put in place arrangements for students to continue with their academic curriculum and assessments in an online environment in order that they could progress or graduate within the period of their programme.

The College produced its initial Contingency Plan on 7th March prior to the introduction of social distancing measures by the Irish Government on 12th March 2020. The second iteration of the Contingency Plan was finalised on 25th March, 2020.  The  third  iteration was dated 3rd April, 2020.  This fourth iteration was completed on 6th April, 2020.

Academic Council Covid-19 Contingency Planning Subcommittee.

The Academic Council Covid-19 Contingency Planning Subcommittee was established by special resolution of IICP College’s Academic Council on 21st March 2020. The responsibility of the subcommittee is to ensure that full academic governance and quality assurance principles are maintained for the duration of the COVID-19 crises. It consists of:  Dr. Marcella Finnerty, Dr. Aine O’Reilly;  Ms. Caitríona Kearns and Mr. David O’Regan.  The Subcommittee acts as the operational lead in all matters relating to assessments, including reviewing and approving assessment modifications and communication on an ongoing basis with students and faculty regarding modifications.

This subcommittee will produce a report on its activities for the next Academic Council meeting through its Quality Assurance and Enhancement mechanism.

Short term adjustments in place

Having liaised with the programme teams, our academic governing bodies, QQI, HECA and IACP, IICP College will remain fully operational. We continue to follow all HSE/Government policy/directives. To facilitate continuity of learning, we continue to use technology enabled learning for all students on QQI and IACP validated programmes.  Classes and student support are delivered via Zoom and our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) Moodle, and through other media outlined in the below link to our full contingency plan.

The following academic management practices have been successfully implemented:

  • Online classes are ready for students on a weekly basis.
  • Lesson plans are reviewed by registry to ensure that there is:
    • Coherence in teaching and learning.
    • Comparability between face-to-face teaching inputs envisioned in programme documentation and online lessons.
    • Learners receive all required teaching inputs.
  • Attendance is being monitored as usual with a log for each class, as is the norm.
  • Students have continued to engage in their learning.
  • All classes are being delivered synchronously using Zoom.
  • There is an asynchronous option, temporarily, for those experiencing difficulties due to childcare or health reasons etc offered through Vimeo.
  • Faculty is providing a wide variety of additional tutorials and support sessions with students using Zoom.
  • The technology department is providing tutorials and support sessions to faculty using Zoom.

Contacting College Staff and Faculty

Primary means of contacting Programme Leaders or Faculty/ Staff should be through email contact in the first instance. Lecturers emails are available in the programme handbook and below are emails of key academic/administration staff within the College.  Students have been asked to also copy any email correspondence to and

The Main College Mobiles:  087-9055330; 086-0499154 and 086-2609989 will continue to operate.

Programme Staff Member
Certificate Pamela Patchell, Programme Coordinator
BA (Hons) David O’Regan, Head of Academic Studies

Dermot O’Neill, Programme Leader

Ann Frey, Programme Leader

Frankie Brown, Assist. Programme Leader,

MA Pluralistic Counselling & Psychotherapy Maria Quinlan, Programme Leader
MA Integrative Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy Gayle Doyle, Programme Leader
Level 9 CBT Certificate Paula Lawlor, Cert. Leader