IACP require that your therapist is a fully accredited member of IACP/IAHIP/BACP. No other professional body membership is currently accepted by IACP.

There is a personal therapy log in the supporting documents section of Moodle. Your therapist must sign this log at every session, and then at the end of the therapy process, must supply you with a letter, on headed paper, confirming that you completed X number of sessions with them.

The programme requirement is that you see a fully accredited IACP, IAHIP or BACP therapist. Therefore, a therapist with pre-accredited status is insufficient on this programme.

Personal therapy can be a mix of remote and in person modalities during the public health guidelines of the pandemic. IACP will revisit this in 2022 and we will keep learners updated. We would encourage you to engage with a counsellor who can offer both, when safe and when required.

You can find a personal therapist on the IACP website, or from the list provided by the college (located on your Moodle Supporting Documents, and the Useful Resources section).
The list is not a recommendation but is a list of suitable accredited therapists who offer a student rate.
Where required you can also consider any therapist on the IAHIP or BACP websites.

A sessional log, reflecting 50 hours of one-to-one personal therapy, signed by the fully accredited IACP IAHIP or BACP therapist on a sessional basis,
A letter, on headed paper, with the therapist’s accreditation body and membership number noted, reflecting completion of the 50 hours.

No. The personal therapy requirement of the programme relates to time spent training on a programme where counselling and psychotherapy was at the core.

Yes, where required. We encourage you to discuss with your therapist the rationale for changing. You need the therapist to provide a letter and a signed log of hours before you leave.

A personal therapy log signed by the therapist, reflecting your sessional attendance
A letter from the therapist, on letter headed paper with the accreditation body and membership number noted, that confirms the number of sessions undertaken and the dates.

Both documents are required as submissions to Moodle as part confirmation of your personal therapy record. It is vital that you require your therapist to sign the log on a sessional basis. If you did not do this and are having trouble in obtaining the require log, please contact Pam@iicp.ie.

No. For ethical reasons your therapist and supervisor cannot be the same person. It helps avoid dual roles and conflicts of interest. Please see the IACP Code of Ethics for further details: https://www.iacp.ie/iacp-code-of-ethics

You will find them in the timetable document in the supporting documents section of Moodle.

That can be found on Correspondence tab on your student account on enrol.ie https://mit.enrol.ie/iicp/

Pop in your username (this will be your student number)
In case you forgot your password, select: Forgot Password/username. (See section highlighted below)
The system will then send you a link via email to set up your own personal password, you can then gain entry to our student portal.

Pay in your student account: https://mit.enrol.ie/iicp/

Refunds can take time, as we (as an organization) have some due diligence process to follow.

Attendance on class days is a requirement and so to adequately address absences, you need to do the following:
1. Log into Moodle to view your timetable and access the handbook, where the contact protocol is located with your lecturer contact details.
2. Email the relevant lectures to inform them of your absence, and to seek their recommendations for how best to address the content covered during your absence.
3. Ensure the quality of your learning by following the recommendations of your lecturers and engaging with peers to discuss what you missed.

You will need to reach out to your module lecturer directly. They can approve an extension of up to two weeks and, once approved, we can update Moodle to reflect this. If you need more than two weeks, you need to apply to the Head of Academic Studies and complete a mitigating circumstances form.

It is best to reach out to your lecturer directly regarding the assignment. They can guide you to any additional resources that they may have available on Moodle or elsewhere. Do also review any assignment presentation, or assignment brief that may be provided.

There is a reading list per module, which is listed in the module descriptor in the programme handbook. You will find the required reading materials on Moodle.

When based onsite in the campus, the library opens in the morning and afternoon of every teaching day.

During COVID-19/online teaching periods, you can contact studentservices@iicp.ie

You can access your Zoom link by logging into Moodle. Once you are logged in, go to your Dashboard, scroll down to Course Overview, click on the required module and you will find the Zoom link at the top section of the module page.

You can reset your password by clicking on https://mit.enrol.ie/iicp/ and selecting Forgot your username/password?

Client work can commence toward the end of year two. Learners are required to submit a Clinical Competencies Checklist, IACP Student Membership, IACP Garda Vetting, 25—hours personal therapy (with an IACP, IAHIP or BACP therapist), and the TUSLA e-Learning Certificate. Faculty then co-verify the submission and the learner is endorsed to commence seeing clients.

Yes. Garda Vetting with IACP is required, irrespective of any other valid GV you may have.

Learners can only see clients in a service agreed with the college.

The college has a list of services suitable in each county. The list is issued in your endorsement pack.

The service you see clients in must be agreed by the college. If you want the college to consider a service on your behalf, please email the service contact details to Pam@iicp.ie

APA – adapted. Please see the handbook, Appendix 1 and Appendix 2, and the IICP College Academic writing workshop (on Moodle, under useful resources).

Appendix 1 and Appendix 2 of the Handbook.
IICP College Academic writing workshop (on Moodle, under useful resources).
By Your Side (BYS) on Moodle

Consider what is occurring for you in personal therapy. Journal on your experience.
Contact your lecturer, Programme Leader, Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, or the Head of Academic Studies, as appropriate (please see the contact section of your handbook for the appropriate emails).

All templates are available on your Supporting Documentation and Forum Page. Simply click on the submission space for the document you need and you will see the template there.

The Certificate is a QQI award and as such your work must be ratified by an External Exam Board. These Exam Boards are held twice a year in the Winter (January/February) and in the Summer (July). Following the Exam Board your result will be sent to QQI who will then print your award. This can take up to two months. Once your award has arrived in the college we will reach out to arrange getting it to you.