Christy Kenneally
Module Lecturer

Christy Kenneally is a Communications Consultant, International Lecturer and Keynote Speaker with specialist expertise in the areas of Bereavement & Loss, Suicide Prevention and Postvention, Building Resilience and Effective Communication. He is also a Published Author, Scriptwriter for Television and Video, with over 35 years experience working within Ireland and Internationally.

Christy has worked tirelessly over the last three decades in the areas of Bereavement and Loss, Cancer Support and Positive Mental Health with organisations such as, Living Links, The Samaritans, A Little Lifetime Foundation, Accord, The Hospice Foundation, Bethany Bereavement Groups, The Irish Heart Foundation, & The Irish Cancer Society.

He has published five novels, four books of poetry, three autobiographical works and two non-fiction books, ‘Life after Loss’, a guide for those working with the bereaved and ‘Say Yes to Life, Discover your Pathways to Happiness and Well-Being’ a self-help programme for overcoming depression and anxiety which he co-wrote with his wife Dr. Linda Finnegan, Principal Clinical Psychologist.

Christy has worked extensively in the area of Corporate Communication both nationally and internationally and is well known for his television series, ‘Heaven on Earth’ and the ‘The Lost Gods’ which is six-part documentary series on the religions of the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Maya, Inca and Celts.