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Practitioners Workshop on Anxiety in Adolescents

Therapeutic Responses to Anxiety in Adolescents and Young People 11-25 years


Anxiety is a future-focused mood state in which one is ready or prepared to attempt to cope with anticipated upcoming events that are perceived as negative. Experiences of psychological distress as a result of overwhelming anxiety are common in our modern ways of living. Anyone working with young people is bound, at some stage and to some degree, to meet with cases of problematic anxiety. This workshop aims to explore a range of therapeutic responses to such anxiety.

Programme Content

This one-day workshop will introduce participants to key concepts that help professionals to understand anxiety and develop the means of supporting adolescents and young people struggling with anxiety.

  1. Types of anxiety
  2. Recognising anxiety – spotting the cues
  3. Neuro-bio-psycho-social considerations
  4. Importance of self-regulation and coping skills
  5. Creative mediums
  6. Mindfulness and Stress reduction
  7. Parents/therapist as Partners
  8. Therapeutic approaches useful with anxiety
  9. Narrative Therapy
  10. CBT Techniques

Please Note – Course Entry Requirements

  • This course is suitable for professionals who work with young clients in counselling or mental health services.


  •  Friday, 23rd March 2018, 9:30am – 4:30pm

Entry Requirements:

  • This course is suitable for professionals who work with young clients in counselling or mental health services.


  • IICP Certificate of Attendance and Participation
  • CPD: 6 hours


  • €90.00 (€76.50 for IICP Students/Alumni and VCS Counsellors)


Why attend this CPD Course?

  • Explore a range of therapeutic responses to anxiety in adolescence

  • To support people working with young clients in mental health services

  • Excellent facilitator – creative, engaging and dynamic

  • Understand anxiety and develop a variety of means of support

  • Learn a variety of techniques including Mindfulness, CBT and Narrative Therapy

About the Programme Facilitator

Gayle Kearney
Gayle KearneyIICP Module Lecturer & Child and Adolescent Specialist
Gayle holds a Master’s Degree in Practice Based Play Therapy, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy and Play Therapy, a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Care and Education and a Diploma in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Gayle is a play psychotherapist and the company director of Butterfly Children Ltd. She is accredited by the International Board of Examiners of Certified Play Therapists and the Irish Association of Play Therapy and Psychotherapy. Gayle is also co-founder and developer of the WOW (Wipe Out Worries) programme. She has worked for the HSE, Barnardos and in private practice as a child and adult psychotherapist.