17 08, 2017

IICP Testimonial – BA Hons 2017

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Geraldine O'Neill (BA Hons 2017) I have just completed a BA Hons. Degree with IICP and am looking forward to graduating with such a prestigious award. It was a wonderful experience made all the more unique, in part, due to the exceptional and supportive learning environment, lectures and [...]

16 11, 2016

Why IICP – Niamh Crowley

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Niamh Crowley, IICP Diploma Student 2016 In 1993 I was doing the leaving and decided I would like to be a psychologist. However my life took a different path and it was not until later in life that I started this journey. I walked through the doors of [...]

20 05, 2016

Reflections of an IICP Master’s Student – Lizzie Lumsden

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The IICP Masters Year 1 and Year 2 Students at the 2016 IICP Internal Research Conference   Lizzie Lumsden, 2014-2016 MA Student Let me start with my research topic as this is a fundamental part of the course after all. My own research study has been [...]

12 05, 2016

Why IICP? – Leah Elliott

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Leah Elliott, IICP Diploma / BA Level 7 Graduate 2016 My name is Leah and I have just recently graduated with a degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy from IICP. My journey began in 2012, two years after I had qualified as a secondary school teacher. As a newly [...]

13 04, 2016

A Student’s Experience of Studying at IICP – Mia Doering

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Mia Doering, IICP Diploma Graduate 2016 “The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change”, Carl Rogers.   I wanted to become a therapist a few years ago, when I began to become interested in my own process, and internal [...]

11 03, 2016

Dr. Marie Adams – Workshop Review

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Anne O'Reilly, 2nd year Diploma Student 2015 As a student training in the field of counselling and psychotherapy it can be daunting and confusing when trawling through the theory books and research papers. Studiously taking notes and listening in class trying to absorb as much information as is [...]

25 02, 2015

Training as a Therapist – Triona Kearns

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For many, taking the first steps into training in counselling and psychotherapy is an exciting and daunting endeavour. The desire to help others, to facilitate change and to create a space where people can explore their own path is one that is rooted in many things. Have we encountered difficulties [...]


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