Paula Lawlor facilitated a one day workshop on CBT with Depression for almost 200 students today. Paula holds an MA in Psychology, and MA in Pluralistic Counselling & Psychotherapy and Diploma in REBT. She is a founding member of the Institute for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and teaches on our MSc and our Level 9 CBT Certificate. After two years of a global pandemic, the need for appropriately trained mental health professionals has never been greater. This one day seminar provided students with up-to-date theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to incorporate into their practice with clients who may be experiencing depression.

The seminar was incredibly enjoyable and informative, both personally and professionally. Paula covered so much material in a short space of time in really manageable pieces. There’s almost too much to try to share with you here; however, there were a few highlights. I gained great insight into depression and how it is experienced. The introduction to CBT showcased ways to help reduce the frequency, intensity and duration of depression for the client. For example, through a series of structured questions, the therapist can help the client to identify irrational or demanding thoughts (I must/should/have to) and self-deprecating beliefs and then challenge these and work toward unconditional self-acceptance. 
Paula stressed the importance of practising CBT on ourselves (practising what we preach) so that we have a full and true understanding of it, which will enable our clients to feel confident in our abilities as therapists.  In addition, Paula highlighted the importance of the language we use and our understanding of it. This knowledge will prove very beneficial when working with clients.  A brilliant seminar which left me wanting to learn more!
Suzanne Switzer, Outgoing Fourth Year BSc (Hons) Student